My Breeding & Price Policies



My prefix (kennel name) Boxtrinity was registered in 2010 with Dogs Victoria.
Our aim is to continue improving the quality of our boxers and hopefully breed a few champions along the way.
If you buy a puppy from me, you can always contact me for advice and I will try to help you as much I can.
I show and train our dogs and they are health checked before they are bred.
You can visit the dam of your puppy.
I don’t allow visitors to our puppies until they are at least 6 weeks old after their first Puppy Vaccination.




My Waiting List

Some of the people on the list have been waiting for years for the right pup to come their way.

Some litters may be born at the "wrong time of the year for you", or be the wrong genders, colours etc.  So there may be a puppy or two left when the waiting list has been offered puppies first.

Our waiting list is for people who have paid a deposits which is

not refundable.

I usually advise people who do not wish to go on our waiting list to keep an eye on our website (Puppies page) and when they see something available that they are interested in please contact me at that time.

If you are on my waiting list you could be waiting anywhere between 4-36 months for a puppy from me.

I currently have   19 people on my waiting list.

(after Breeders choice).

The deposit required to book a spot on my waiting list is $200.00 and as mentioned before is not refundable.

If you pay a deposit and your circumstances change, I am happy to keep you on the waiting list until you are in a better position to welcome a new Boxer puppy into your family.

If you think you might change your mind, please do not pay a deposit as it will not be refunded!!!!

If you wish to go on waiting list then please send me all your details for my records and then pay your deposit.

The preferred method of accepting deposit is by bank deposits (direct transfer).

Breeder has the right to refuse a buyer at any stage, for misleading information, health and well-being of the dog.


My Pricing Policies
The current prices are listed below.
I do not charge more for bitches than dogs. I do not charge more for flashy pups.
I do not sell our coloured dogs without papers or mocrochips.
I charge the same price across the entire litter, because they all cost exactly the same in time, care, and money to rear.
The price range for one of our puppies in Australia (i.e. not for export) at the moment is as follows:
Brindle or Reverse Brindle Long Tail  $4,000.00, with pedigree papers.
White puppies (when available) - $2000.00 - are half the price of their coloured litter mates, they do have Limited pedigree papers and they are sold under a desexing agreement (at your expense).
My prices are subject to change.
My price includes - worming, vaccination, microchipping, vet check, pedigree papers, , toy, blanket, Lead & Collar, Dry food and a puppy info booklet.
All puppies are raised in a family home environment.


I use and recommend PRO PLAN dog food.

Breeder has the right to refuse a buyer at any stage of sale, for misleading information, health and well-being of the dog.


If you already own one of my dog's and for any circumstances you are no longer able to keep the dog then please bring the dog back to me (no cost or payment for dog). Then I can re-home the dog to a forever home.


If there is anything you feel I have not covered here - then PLEASE - phone or email me with your questions.


Contact Details

Amy Smith
Helaesville, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0409197623
Email : [email protected]